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International Calls to Africa from UK

Want to stay connected to your friends and family in Africa without breaking the bank? If yes, we at Vizz Mobile Africa have the ideal solution for you. Whether you want to make cheap calls to Nigeria or any other region in Africa from the UK, we bring you competitive rates to stay in touch with your loved ones back home. To help you steer clear of paying steep rates or monthly rentals, we bring you a cheap pay as you go SIM for the UK, where you can control your expenses based on your actual usage and pay just what you use.

Mobile Credit Transfer

You can even do mobile credit transfer to mobiles of your loved ones back home in Africa, and let them enjoy talking to you without worrying about reaching zero balance. Earning free international minutes is also easier with top ups on your Vizz Mobile, which you can use to make free calls to Africa.

So, you no longer need to feel homesick just because you stay in the UK while your loved ones are in Africa. Simply sign up at our website and start sharing all about your life's events, feelings, and more over the phone and via sms without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.